"What is little known about Brett Anderson is that he is a Master Martial Artist. He has more Black belts than I do leather belts to hold up my pants! (exaggeration) Joel Roberts, creator of the:
(Language of Impact.) & (Impact Squad, the Advanced Course.)

I have the honour to train with Brett on a weekly basis and to know him as a friend. We first met through Parkour and even though he had not had any training, his extensive experience in martial arts and understanding of the body allowed him to join in from the onset our more advanced training groups.

Roles later switch when Brett started teaching me unconventional body recovery and relaxation techniques. Having trained alongside some of the best Parkour practitioners and Martial Artists in the world, I can state that training how to recover the body is something that is rarely taught by instructors or even recognised as a discipline in itself. Brett has taken it to a whole new level and with his help, I have removed an enormous amount of tension in my body and everything that I do now feels easier.

As a result, in the last six months, I have not had one injury. In fact, the breathing and relaxation techniques have literally helped save my life when I got stung by a stonefish in North Queensland!

What Brett does has nothing to do with the ridiculous and superficial stress relief techniques I've seen taught at seminars. It's the real deal. It's what you've been looking for.

And, I can state with absolute certainty that what Brett has to offer can help anyone feel better and live more relaxed.


After seeing Brett, I felt more decisive and in my power. Trusting his knowledge of the body and how human beings tend to operate, we worked together to clear blockages- some of which id been holding onto for a long time. After the session, I immediately took actions to realign my life feeling so much more relaxed and powerful vs. forceful. To those of you willing to do the work that is required to heal, I'd highly recommend Brett's services.


I woke up this morning with a sweet feeling of stiff and sore back muscles. I haven't felt those muscles in a long time or ever actually. That body work exercise definitely is a foreign movement for me!
Thanks again for a sharing and giving me insight to the world of Energetic Arts


I've had 4 sessions with Brett. How to describe it I'm not quite sure - a unique combination of body work exercises , breathing, meditation, negative energy release and goal setting. I wouldn't say it's always a pleasurable experience (it can be quite challenging) however I've had a real feeling of aliveness, energy and general wellbeing at the end of each session which is amazing. We continue to 'unlock' blockages from the past each week and work on whatever comes up. My ability to breathe through the difficult parts of a session is increasing which would suggest that I can apply this to other areas of my life that are also challenging. I'm more aware of my breathing and I'm beginning to tune into what my body wants and what my mind is capable of.


He does this so subtly, wrapped up in play, in a way that is relaxed, enjoyable and always moving towards effortlessness. It’s not until you’ve reflected on the experience, that you realize how effective and powerful his teaching style really is. It kind of leaves you with a smile on your face, wondering “How come I haven’t been doing this the whole time? It just makes sense.”


Those who have had the benefit of working with him often speak of having profound shifts in their lives, “spiritual awakenings,” a deeper connection with who they really are and a heightened sense of peace.