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A community of free thinkers , free spirits , reality shifters creating new paradigms and manifesting potentials , yet unknown ...

The Energetic Arts Community is made up of an eclectic group of people, from all over the world , who are part of a resurgence of the ancient mystery schools from the long forgotten, far distant past.

The spiritual academy , if you will , has been brought back from the ether into the present and integrates with technologies, concepts and ideas of the future, inside the theatre of the electronic signals of the internet , social media networks and the everyday real world.

In essence the people that make up the Energetic Arts community are Artist , Students and in some cases Masters of manifesting with the consciousness and energy that give rise to reality.

They are researchers , scientists , spiritualists , musicians , engineers , martial artists , gymnasts , teachers , counsellors , healers , magicians .

They are the people you depend on , they cook and serve your meals , they stock your shelves and collect your garbage. They fix your internet when it's down and teach your cars how to drive themselves. They fly your planes and build your rockets.  They set your childrens bones in the emergency room and give life saving surgery to your loved ones. They care for the disabled , the homeless , traumatised and abused.

They protect you while you sleep.

They are the tip of the sword , they are the special forces of spirituality , the man/ woman behind enemy lines , brining awareness and setting the stage for those ready to wake up. Leading and forging the pathways of the collective consciousness and thought to new frontiers. 

They do this quietly , silently , without need for validation nor recognition. They do this "great work" for you , for me , for themselves , for life itself and for the mere sake and enjoyment of the pure act , in and of itself.

They are impeccable , uncorruptable ,  focused , committed , an unstoppable and immovable force , they are sovereign and free in all the ways others cannot be.

They need nothing from the world or anyone 

In this Community they are revered , adored , exalted and modelled , by newcomers and their peers as exemplars of a life worth lived. 

Outside in the "real world" they are nameless , shapeless , they are faceless , unrecognised and unperceived by the mass mind.

They are everyone and they are no one.

Everywhere and no where.

Invisible , undetectable , untraceable ...   ..   .   .       .    

Except perhaps by the wearing of the Energetic Arts insignia seen on their clothing , their personal items and seen scattered amongst other everyday objects in their homes.

Without this key , with out this knowledge you would easily walk by them in the street , slipping by , just outside your realm of acceptance , never knowing you were in proximity to one of the most energetically powerful and influential human beings on the planet.